Unit 8 – Part 3


基本語彙とフレーズ: Unit 8 – Part 3



※Unit 3以降:初版と第二版ではトラック番号が違うのでご注意下さい!

♪ 3-39 MODEL SENTENCES (p.114)

What is your dream job?
I’d love to be an architect.
I’d love to have my own company.
I’d love to work in education.
もし、あなたが将来つきたい仕事がはっきりしているのなら、 「I’d love to be an architect.」のように、それをそのまま伝えましょう!
また、将来どんな種類の仕事についてみたいかが分かっている場合は、例えば「I’d love to have my own company.」のように答えることができます。
最後に、もし将来つきたい仕事がはっきりしていないのなら、「I’d love to work in education.」のように、単に興味のある分野について述べてもいいでしょう。

♪ 3-40 MODEL SENTENCES (p.115)

What do you think is important in a job?
For me, having fun is important.
For me, having fun is most important.

♪ 3-42 SOUNDING NATURAL NOTE: Take the final “no-questions” challenge (p.116)

Sounding Natural Note: Take the final “no-questions” challenge

♪ 3-43 (USA), 3-44 (UK), 3-45 (AUS)  LISTENING PRACTICE (p.117)

A: Will you still be living here after you graduate (1)?
B: Yeah, probably. It depends on my job situation. But in five years or so I hope to be living abroad.
A: Really? That’s great. I’ll probably (2) still be living with my parents.
B: Oh yeah? Are you planning to continue living with them even after you get a job?
A: Well, it’s quite common where I’m from. Personally, (3) I think it’s okay.
B: Interesting. I can’t wait to get out on my own! What do you think is a good age to leave home?
A: Good question… after I get married, I guess. Maybe your (UK: in your) late twenties (4)?
B: Yeah, I agree. You need a good job in order to support yourself.
A: For sure (5). What’s your dream job?
B: Well, I’d love to work as a photojournalist, traveling the world and taking pictures.
A: Wow, sounds exciting! I take it you don’t want to be stuck (6)behind a desk!
B: Oh, you got that right! (AUS: you bet) What’s important for you in a job?
A: Well, not having to move, believe (7) it or not.
B: Really?
A: Yeah. I want to live and work near my parents so I can take care of them.
B: That’s very noble (8) of you!