How to use the flashcards

We have created sets of online flashcards to help your students learn and review the vocabulary from each unit. These lists are hosted by Quizlet, which is a kind of “YouTube for flashcards.” It is free to use, and you don’t need to make a special account. Students will be able to practice these lists on their smartphones, tablets, or computers outside of class will help them speak English more naturally and smoothly.


Here is a recommended workflow for going through the various online vocabulary learning activities. By default, the Flashcards activity is first. To change to other activities, just choose what you would like to do from the lower-right drop-down menu (1). The card motion, audio, and starting language can all be configured by clicking on the Options link in the upper right (2). If you would like to view this list directly on, click the link in the lower left (3).

  1. Flashcards: Flip through the flashcards to get a feeling for all of the items in one part of one unit.
  2. Speller: Simply type what you hear. This is great for practicing listening and spelling.
  3. Learn: Translate the word or phrase. This is just like Speller, but is more useful if no audio is available.
  4. Scatter: Make everything disappear by dragging corresponding items onto each other as fast as you can. Encourage students to beat their best time or compete against their classmates.
  5. Space Race: Destroy the scrolling words by typing in their corresponding term and pressing Enter. Make sure to type them before they scroll past the screen!
  6. Test: After students have put some effort into learning a set of vocabulary items, have them take a test! Options allow them to adjust the question types, which language to start with, and number of questions. These tests can also be printed out and given to students at the start of class for a short quiz.