Textbook/Website ⇔ CD Audio Track Conversion Table

For the 1st printing of the book, the audio track numbers listed on the CDs differ from those listed in the textbook and on the website. This occurred because the audio, which was recorded after the book went to print, ended up longer than expected and would not fit on the intended 2 CDs. If you use the CDs, please use the following conversion table to help you keep track of each track. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have this issue resolved when the book goes through its 2nd printing later on this year.

Textbook/Website => CD Audio Track Conversion Table (PDF)



Please note the following minor errors. They could be a source of potential confusion when using the 1st printing of this textbook (Spring 2015). All errors below will be corrected in the book’s 2nd printing, which will be out in time for the 2016 school year.


Page 25

The Model Sentences should be labeled as a Sounding Natural Note. It is referred to as such on the audio track.


Page 26

The Vary your questions activity should be labeled as How about you?


Page 34

In the Sounding Natural Note activity to practice intonation, the example dialog on the audio track differs slightly from the dialog students are expected to read in order to complete this exercise. This should not be a big problem because the exercise’s main point is to practice intonation, which the students can do by reading theGuided Speaking Practice dialog at the bottom of the page. Nevertheless, if you think this might be a cause for confusion, you could write up the following transcript on the board:

Yukiko: What’s your hardest day of the week?

Janice: Oh, it’s definitely Monday because I have five classes and my part-time job in the evening.

Yukiko: Wow, that’s got to be hard!

Janice: Yeah, it is. What’s your easiest day?

Yukiko: It’s probably Friday. I don’t have any classes.

Janice: Wow! That’s great. You’re lucky.


Page 78

In the Variation vocabulary box, the translation for “take up swimming” is incorrect:

水泳を始める      ➞    また水泳を始める
suie wo hajimeru        mata suie wo hajimeru


Teacher’s book – Page 35

Listening Practice (1-20, 21, 22)

A: So, where are you from?
B: I’m from Osaka (UK: London AUS: Melbourne), but now I live here in Tokyo.

A: So, where are you from?
B: I’m from Chicago (UK: London AUS: Melbourne), but now I live here in Tokyo.